Fine Art 

Works are for sale where indicated.  Commissions taken.

Shell drawings.  From left to right:  Tridacna clam, Freshwater clams, Spiny oyster and Nautilus.  Sanguine conté pencil on prepared paper.  Matted and framed. Available.


Cabbage. Available. Sanguine conté pencil on prepared paper.

Small mollusk shell paintings, oil on wood.  2004-2005. Sold.


Mollusk paintings, all oil on linen.


Land snails on palmetto. Sold.        Sea butterfly. Sold.                           Radula. Available.


 Limpet. Sold.                                      Pteria with pearl. Available.                                Chiton. Sold.


 Murella snails. Available.                                             Sicilian land snails. Available.      


Olive tree. 2002.  Oil on linen.  Sold.               Birch tree.  2000.  Oil on linen.  Sold.                 Cypress trees.  2000.  Oil on linen. Sold.              


Garlic.  2003.  Oil on linen.  Available.                       Red onions. 2001.  Oil on linen.  NFS.


Strada a Marignolle. 2000. Oil on canvas. NFS.    Nuns on Via Erta Canina. 2001. NFS.        Tuscan villa at night. 2001. Oil on linen. NFS. 


Le Due Strade. 2001. Oil on linen.  Framed.  Sold.                     Castle near Mount Inici. 2003. Oil on linen. Framed. Sold.

Mill at Scandicci. Oil on linen. Framed. Available.


Three Tuscan Snails. 2002.    Snail Trail. 2002.                                       Mucca sana. 2001

Etchings. All are available.

A few abstract pieces, based on nature and sound. Artist is synesthetic.


Diatoms. NFS.                           Insecta and their sky. Sold.        Late summer sounds. Sold.    Somewhat sensual shards. Sold.

Artwork is copyright protected. Do not use without explicit permission from the artist.