Born in 1969 in New Jersey, the artist has had a life-long love of nature and creativity. Graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor's degree in Biology and from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a Master of Science in Zoology, being a biologist/zoologist is a key part of both daily life and employment. Many animal friends, from furry to slimy, share her home. The artist, primarily self-taught, studied briefly under artist Judith Mogul in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and under Richard Serrin in Florence, Italy. A scientific illustration course taught by Lloyd Logan began a 20+ year side career as a biological illustrator. The artist lived in Italy for nearly 4 years, where she spent time learning techniques and materials of the Renaissance Masters, such as the art of hand-grinding oil pigments, and painted en plein air in both Tuscany and Sicily. She has exhibited work in the United States and Italy.