Artist's Statement

Every living thing takes up a unique space and influences the space surrounding it. Nature is rich with beautiful patterns of interactions between its organisms. I am constantly inspired by the complexity of nature from the micro to the macro level, and the harmonious mathematical relationships found throughout the Universe. Dedication of much time to the study of nature and anatomical forms has provided the background to work effectively as a springboard for artistic expression. One of my most important goals as an artist is to help bridge the world of nature and its spiritual aspects to my viewing audience. I wish to nurture a sensitivity and respect towards nature, and help people gain a deeper understanding for our place in our environment. A great amount of my influence comes from experiences and feelings from my stay in Italy, and from a connection to the Italian land, its people, and its art. Studies and interests include Fibonacci's number series and its presence in nature. Common to all my work are themes of nature and sound. In my work, I place much emphasis on utilizing what I consider to be the classical elements of art, including line quality, negative space, composition, and pathways of movement through the piece. It is my opinion that these elements, no matter what style the work, are essential to artwork that holds its quality over time.